It’s Not Little Red Riding Hood

Here’s a fun fact:

When I lived in Massachusetts, I taught at a school just down the road from author Josh Funk!
Josh and I bumped into each other at an airport on our way home from a conference and quickly became friends.

He was even kind enough to visit my school and read his book to my class!

Josh’s books bring will bring a smile to anyone’s face, and his latest book isn’t any different.

Debuting on October 27, It’s Not Little Red Riding Hood is the silly story we all need.

In this version, Little Red interacts with the narrator and sets off for a VERY different adventure.

Along the way to Grandma’s house, Little Red meets, the Big Bad…Hook?!

And a number of other characters that lead the story to…well a very silly ending!
It’s Not Little Red Riding Hood is a great story to use to talk teach students about the plot and characters.

I also love the point of view as the narrator actually has a say in how the story moves along.

You’ll definitely want to add this fun spin on a classic to your library.