Getting ready for the End of the Year


Do you have a little one who is wrapping up the end of a school year?

Are you ready to celebrate with a special story?

Check out these five titles that make great gifts for your little one who is on to bigger and brighter things!


KINDergarten by Vera Ahiyya and Joey Chou

So, I might be a little biased about this title as it is written by yours truly!

If you have a little one who has just finished or is about to enter Kindergarten, this book is for you.

This a sweet story about a little boy named Leo, who isn’t sure he is ready for all KINDergarten has to offer!

This book is perfect for the children who are about to enter Kindergarten. It would also make a wonderful gift for the special Kindergarten teachers in your life!


The Courage of the Little Hummingbird: A Tale Told Around the World - Henderson, Leah

The Courage of the Little Hummingbird by Leah Henderson and Magaly Morales

This is a lovely story about the power of community and the courage and strength of one individual to do what’s right.

A hummingbird convinces the other animals to work together to save their home. When she is met with discouragement, she knows she must do what’s right, no matter the risk.

This is the perfect book for children transitioning into a new school setting. This is also a great gift for a teacher who may be starting in the profession or retiring after years of service.


Patchwork - de la Peña, Matt

patchwork by Matt de la Peña and Corinna Luyken

Patchwork is a story about all the ways children are spectacular. How each small trait will help them grow into amazing individuals.

This is a great end-of-the-year book for students moving into a new grade. This is also one of those wonderful stories to use at the end of each school year, requesting signatures from the teachers in a child’s life!


This Is a Story - Schu, John

This Is A Story by John Schu and Lauren Castillo

What a beautiful illustration of the power of a story! This book highlights the inspiration that comes from a story told through the written word!

This book is perfect for students who love reading or writing. This is also a great way to inspire students to read over the summer break!


Our School is a Family (Our Class is a Family & Our School is a Family Book  2) - Kindle edition by Olsen, Shannon, Sonkie, Sandie. Children Kindle  eBooks @

Our School is a Family by Shannon Olsen and Sandie Sonke

Like the other books in this series, we are shown all the magical elements that make a school a family.  From the custodians to the librarian, we see all the different “behind the scenes” individuals who make a school a beautiful place!

This book is perfect to gift a “behind the scenes” caregiver at your school. Think about custodians, office staff, or cafeteria workers who may not often get the loving praise they deserve! This would be a perfect end-of-year thank you!


What other end of year titles would you add to this list?