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I received your book in the mail yesterday and couldn't wait to read it to my class today! They were so excited to see how your picture looks just like the illustration in the book and that there are 13 students in the book, just like our class! By the end, they were saying "speak up, be strong!" with me and the last page almost brought me tears. Our students were immediately inspired to make a change and created posters like the ones in your book! We're goin to hang them up around school and in our neighborhoods. Thank you for everything you do.
I bought KINDergarten the day it was released for my soon to be kindergartner... Leo. My Leo is shy and quiet around people he doesn't know. He loves to help others. He has a medical condition called hydrocephalus has a few struggles associated with that, so he's (okay, maybe a little more me) been feeling a bit nervous about kindergarten. He saw himself in your book. He LOVED it (and so did ). The fact that the character is Leo made it even more special for him. Thanks for what you do. Your books make a difference.

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Let’s get rebellious!

Children yearn to see themselves in our classrooms. Using my book, Rebellious Read Alouds, we’ll discover how our culture reveals itself in the classroom and make connections between diversity and our students using children’s books.

Vera with a lightbulb, heart, and chain icon

Learning for Justice Standards Linked to Children's Books

Now more than ever, educators need to ensure their students are prepared for success as global citizens. Using the Learning for Justice standards for grades K-2, Vera will walk you through which books will best help you engage your students in thoughtful, developmentally appropriate conversations.

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