Google Classroom and Canva

Canva for Google Classroom

OK, I finally listened to all of your remote teaching suggestions and one thing heard repeatedly was how I NEEDED to be using  Canva.

In almost perfect timing, the folks at Canva reached out to me to chat with y’all about how I use Canva for Google Classroom.

So I spent some time exploring the website, messing around, doing some deep diving into their many many many available resources and y’all.  I’m floored. Canva is entirely free for K-12 teachers and students around the world.

Here are some features:

There’s a TON of educational content already made for you! And it’s editable. So you can add or take away anything that won’t work for your students



See what I mean?! These are editable flashcards. I’m going to go print out the weather cards for my students (it’s our current unit of study). And these cards go on and on! So many to choose from and they would be incredibly helpful for caregivers and families who just want a bit “extra”.


I don’t know if you’re like me but the whole fancy Google Classroom thing is intimidating as heck! And look at what Canva supplies you with! Ready to go images and templates for your Google Classroom. AND DO YOU SEE THE CARE BEARS!??? Care Bears partnered with Canva to offer a plethora of content focusing on social-emotional learning for our students. There’s so much to choose from and it makes me so nostalgic!


I mean! How amazingly streamlined and easy is that!?? All the options to share make everything amazingly simple.

You can even share with your families and caregivers via the Remind app!

I just can’t say enough about Canva.

Here’s a list of just a few other amazing things you can do with Canva:

    • Presentations- check out the new ‘Talking Presentations’ feature which allows you to record your lessons and walk through your presentation simultaneously
    • Websites 
    • Class announcements
    • Zoom backgrounds
    • Google Classroom headers
    • Infographics
    • Worksheets
    • SEL (social and emotional learning) activities
    • Calendars
    • Reports
    • Posters
    • Class planners… plus much more!

I can not tell you how much I love Canva!

Have you used Canva before? Let me know what you think!