Vera Appleseed

Hi Y’all!

Today we learned about Johnny Appleseed.

We started out apple unit last week to prepare us for Wednesday’s field trip to an apple orchard.
I went to my very first apple orchard last year and had a blast!! I can’t wait to go this year where I can pick apples…directly from the trees!!

I am so excited.

Back to Johnny.

We read the story Johnny Appleseed and talked about why we thought Johnny wore a pot on his, why he walked around with out shoes, and why might he have been a vegetarian.
The kids really loved learning about Johnny Appleseed…
Here’s how we documented our learning.

I found a similar anchor chart on Pinterest and I thought it was so adorable!  The kids thought his extra large pot was hilarious.

Then, I pulled out the big guns.
I told them they were going to make their own pot hat!

Here’s how we did it.

1.  I pre cut some large strips of construction paper, this would become the pot.

2.  I traced out pan handles.

3.  I created a quick little diddy for the kids to write their favorite kind of apple and a label to change their name to ____ Appleseed.

4.  Here is the final product.

Once I put on my pot hat I told the kids they could only call me, “Vera Appleseed”.  They didn’t.

I’ve got great kids.

Here’s a link to make your very own Johnny Appleseed pot hat.


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  1. Ms. Lopez
    September 24, 2013 / 2:04 am

    Very cute! Thanks for the freebie.