Monday Made It and Bought It

Hi y’all…

Currently, I am SICK of acrylic paint.  It’s my hair, on my new carpet, under my nails…I’m pretty sure I’ve ingested quite a bit of it too…

Here’s why.


I’m serious…

Don’t ruin the surprise….

I’m linking up with 4th Grade Frolics to showcase my Monday Made it!

If you’re still with me (and not coming to my wedding) I spent the whole weekend working on maracas.
I grew up in Texas and wanted some element of Tex-Mex culture in my wedding.  So…I saw some amazing decorated maracas on the internet….When I contacted the companies they all had reasonable prices but wanted to charge almost $200 in shipping (Two of the companies are located in Mexico).  Well, my mom found some maracas for about $1.50 a pair.  She got them shipped for free…but they weren’t decorated…well, they looked like this.

Which would be fine…except they don’t match our colors or have any kind of personalization.  So…Mr. Roboto and I headed to Michael’s (the couple that shops together, stays together) and found some Morocco like colors (we are doing a Morocco/Mexico theme).  He suggested I add a primer to make sure the original paint job doesn’t come through… (he was right…)

So after a primer and a color coat they look like this.

I LOVE this blue!! It’s so rich and pretty.  You can see another maraca in the background with the primer on.

Next, my maraca needed a little personalization and I had no idea what to do…so I looked online at what the other companies did and thought…I can do that…sort of.
So I got started…

And then I added a little more….

And BAM! My first maraca!

I think it came out great for my first time!!

Here’s another one.

Turns out painting and decorating maracas can be fun….but also exhausting…  I just finished 24 maracas and it took 2 days.  I’m only a quarter way through…
BUT…I think these will be a great wedding favor.  I need to add a gloss spray over them to make sure the paint doesn’t chip off.  I’m also going to add a tag that says something cute like, “Shake to see us Kiss”.  If you have any suggestions let me know…If I choose your can choose any item from my Tpt/TN store!  Leave a comment and your email address below.

Now…on to my bought it.

Y’all know I love to shop.
It’s ridiculous how much I love to buy things…anything.

Well, I wanted a little something special to start the new year!  I wanted more than just a new outfit…I wanted something that would last (hopefully) the entire year.

So, I went to my top 5 favorite things to buy.

1.  Food
2.  Crafts
3.  Shoes
4.  Purses
5.  Everything else

Food won’t last very long around me…and crafts come and go…purses do too and well that really only leaves shoes.

Beautiful shoes.

I have been thinking about purchasing a pair of TOMS to wear on my wedding day…And I want to get them personalized but…I still don’t know what I want on them…

But…I do know what I’d want on a pair of TOMS for Back to School!!

So I looked on Etsy and came across an artist who had decorated a pair of TOMS for another teacher (I hers on Instagram, they were super cute Up shoes). They were amazing!! I contacted the artist and told her my ideas and we agreed upon a design and …


That is what she created for me.  There’s an apple on some books with a ruler and a pencil on one shoe.  On the other shoe is a frog (my school’s mascot) with a


Sooooo freakin’ cute.

Here’s a close up.

shut up.
And on one side of the shoe it says kindergarten and on the other side of the other shoe it says my new last name (which I’m still having issues with because someone doesn’t “believe” that I should hyphenate).  On the heel reads the name of my school.

Y’all these are too cute and will be perfect for the first day of school.  Here’s the link to her store.
And she was so fast! I had paid, discussed, saw pictures, and received my shoes all within a week.  Probably less, but you know how time is in the summer…

Do you follow me on Instagram?
If you do…you’ll remember that I purchased these lovely binders from Staples for $1.00 (technically .85 because I used my savings card).
Here’s a pic.

Hopefully, you had a chance to go out a grab some for your classroom…or maybe you already have set of tiny adorable binders.  Either way, you’re going to want to head back here tomorrow. I’ve got some great ideas on how to use these with your small groups…

See you tomorrow!



  1. Unknown
    August 5, 2013 / 10:19 pm

    Hi Vera
    10 out of 10 for commitment to task! If you are but half as committed to your marriage as these amazing maracas your life will be joy filled.
    Your shoes are adorable…great decision! You are going to have a fabulous year.
    All the best
    Julie 🙂
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. Amy Johnston
    August 6, 2013 / 12:16 am

    Precious shoes! Those maracas are going to be FUN!

    What Happens in First Grade

  3. Unknown
    August 6, 2013 / 4:31 am

    Love the maracas! That will definately bring your wedding into par-tay mode and your shoes are to die for. Love it.

    Teach Love