Getting better and better

Hi all.

Well I’ve done a lot of work in my classroom and things are moving along…

And I was finally able to LAMINATE!  I’m so happy! I love lamination!

Moving right along…
Do you remember a little mix up with the Easi Speak microphone and a Candy Construction building set?  Well, the people at Learning Resources were so kind to send me the Easi Speak microphone last week.  I can’t wait to use in my classroom.  You wouldn’t believe my surprise yesterday when I came home to find another package from Learning Resources waiting for me!  I was so excited I ripped open the package only to find…ANOTHER Easi Speak microphone!  Now, it would be pretty rad to have two microphones in my room but….
I contacted the rep from Learning Resources and told her about the little mix up. I also told her that I was having a giveaway.  And guess what she said?  She told me I could put the second Easi Speak microphone in the giveaway!  Hooray!

So if you’ve already entered, go back and “like” Learning Resources on Facebook.  That also brings our winner total up to 9!  Good Luck everyone!  The button below will take you directly to the givewaway!