Now that I live in NYC I’m on Germ Alert. Riding the bus and subway provides more opportunity to come into contact with germs that can get you seriously sick. And now that it’s cold and flu season I want to be sure to be extra careful. The folks at Lysol produced a Healthy & Happy Classroom guide to help teachers and students stay healthy this season. You can get yourself a Healthy & Happy Classroom kit by going to: http://bit.ly/myhealthyclassroom
Who doesn’t want a healthy and happy classroom this year? We all do! That’s why Lysol created this free guide for teachers that’s filled with tons of tips and tricks for keeping your students and classroom the healthiest they can be all year long.
The guide is free! Sign-Up at bit.ly/myhealthyclassroom and you will receive a Classroom Kit to your school. Just fill out the form below.
(Kit signup ends November 30, 2018. Limit one kit per classroom per school. While supplies last.)

Here’s a peek at what’s inside your free teacher guide: 
  • Tips for boosting the “happy” in your classroom
  • Ideas for raising money for your classroom
  • Facts about the germiest spots in your classroom (You’ll be surprised!)
  • A free, printable Healthy Habits Bingo game
  • Blueprints for a DIY quick and easy classroom organizer
Plus, there’s awesome stuff for families, too!
  • 3 tips for making homework time a happier time
  • Healthy Habits Punch Card to get kids on track with healthy habits
  • Tips on how to tackle germ “hot spots” in your home