How Kwik Stix saved my sanity

It’s the end of the school year and I’m working with about 7% patience.
I’m tired, emotional, and tired.
But I’m still trying to make these last few days count for our kids.

Earlier this year, I went to the Teacher/Blogger retreat in French Lick and received a free set of Kwik Stix solid tempera paint.
At first I was like…ooook Kwik Stix…I’m sure you tried but there’s no way this is better than the normal liquid paint we use all the time.
So…I came back and the paint just sat in my supply closet.
For real. It just sat there and I kept telling myself to use it but…never stopped to make an effort to connect painting to a lesson or our learning.
Well, my kids had finally wrapped up our learning around Davis Town, and we’ve been talking about all of our memories this year when I had a thought.
What if we created a mural to tell others about our year in Kindergarten?
So we spent some time gathering some background knowledge. We watched videos of murals being made. We looked up images online, and listened to artists explain why and how they create murals.

I pulled out two large pieces of butcher paper, split the class into two groups and told led them into discussions about what their murals should be.
Next, each team member grabbed a pencil and began drafting their part of the mural.
Then, I pulled out the Kwik Stix.


First, I was amazed at how quietly they worked on their mural. I mean there was PAINT involved. Why weren’t they screaming, dropping paint on the floor, and getting it all over their hands?
These solid sticks of paint meant, ZERO mess. ZERO mess. One more time, ZERO mess.

Ok cool, no mess but I was pretty sure the colors would be meh.
NOPE. The colors were so vibrant! It really brought their mural to life.

Ok, but I’m sure the paper won’t dry quick enough and we will just have a wet ripped mess.
NOPE. The paint dries in seconds and doesn’t seep through the paper, even after kids go a little cray with the paint.

I mean just look:

See their little hands are all over the paper! And ZERO mess. And look how beautiful their work is!

Listen, I’m not trying to get you to buy all the Kwik Stix in the world….
but go and buy all the Kwik Stix in the world.  Because after you use them, you won’t want to ever use anything else again.

They come in neon, metallic and even in a 96 pack! 
The 96 pack is kind of expensive, so add it to your wish list for a later date.