Weekend Warriors- Money saving tips and tricks!

Hi y’all!
I’ve linked up with my girls from Weekend Warriors to share some money saving tips!

That picture is adorable.

Here’s me being real.
I’m not good at saving money.
I usually buy everything that I see.
Because I suffer from “only childitis”
It’s a horrible disease.

BUT I’m also not crazy.
It’s not like I’m running around buying Gucci bags everyday.
But if there’s a dress at Target and I like it…I buy it.

BUT I don’t have children of my own.
So…I splurge on myself of my classroom.
Don’t worry though, bills get paid.
We aren’t in ridiculous credit card debt.
It’s all good.

BUT I do have a couple of tips to offer.

Tip #1:
I rarely buy something full price. 
I may be an only child/spoiled brat, BUT I won’t pay full price for 
something I know I can get much cheaper. 
I refuse to buy fancy bras at VS, that’s not my thing..
So I wait for Target to have a sale and stock up!
And download the Cartwheel app!
You can get some extra discounts at Target.
It’s truly amazing.
Almost everything goes on sale…
you just have to wait 
and stalk the internets.
Tip #2
Ask for a discount.
Seriously, if you are going to buy a large amount of something,
ask if they will give you a bulk discount.
If you for a picture frame and you notice there is one 
that is slightly damaged…
Ask if they will give you the damaged one for a discount.
As long as the damage is small or you can fix it…what’s the big deal?
I have bought tons of sweaters or dresses with small tears…
asked for a discount for the damage.
Then just fixed them up at home.
I also almost always ask for a teacher’s discount.
I see signs ALL the time for college student discounts.
And I’m like, why not one for teachers?!
So I ask.
Sometimes it works,
sometimes it  doesn’t.
But the worst thing they can say is no, right?
Do you have any tips or tricks to share?
Use the link below and share your story!

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