Take a Closer Look: Measuring up!

Hi y’all.
I’m still living in a winter wonderland…
We are expecting another foot of snow this weekend.
But today, I’m happy to have you take a closer look at one of my favorite products.

I do a lot more weight and measurement in the beginning of school with apples and pumpkins…
Then I measure the kids height three different times in the school year…
But I realize that I neglected to have a consistent weight activity at my math centers.
I know Measurement and Data is a skill throughout most grade levels using the Common Core.  I wanted something that the kids could do without my help…but still gather a strong concept of weight mostly the idea of lighter or heavier.  I also wanted my kids to start making educated guesses about weight.  
SO…last weekend I created these Weight Task Cards to use at my Measurement and Data center.  
The kiddos and I had a conversation about the balance.  Many kiddos mentioned that they have seen a balance in the grocery store…but never had used one themselves.  They were so excited to get a chance to weigh things on their own.  
Using a variety of common classroom manipulatives, I have students determine if the items are lighter or heavier.  They are also practicing counting, estimating, and one to one correspondence.
My favorite part about this product is that it is 100% independent.  The numbers and items are big and clear enough for children to know exactly what to do.
It’s super engaging!!

Here’s some great news! I’ve created a sample pack for you to try out this product.  Click here to download.  And here’s some better news…if you LOVE this, you can grab it this weekend for 15% off!!

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  1. ronnie
    February 8, 2015 / 10:53 pm

    Thank you.