I heart January

That’s not true.
I don’t love January.  Especially when I have to deal with this..

There is so much snow…EVERYWHERE.
And word on the street is…we are getting more on Monday.
So no, I don’t heart January. But my Weekend Warrior gals and I have come together to give you some great ideas.

But I do love February! And Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE holiday (My husband says I say that about all the holidays).

I love the candy, treats and most of all the love!!  But, although I love Valentine’s Day…I don’t have a single picture of my classroom set up on V-Day.  I have no idea why…but I’ll be sure to take tons of pictures this year.

My most favorite part of celebrating V-Day with the kiddos…is how excited they are to share their cards and treats with all their friends and loved ones.  Since I started teaching, I always struggled with how to help my kiddos store all their goodies.

I’ve used tissue boxes.
I’ve used cereal boxes.
I even got desperate one year and just used Ziploc bags.
I just couldn’t get it together.

And finally one year it clicked…
I’m not sure if I saw the idea online or if a friend told me about it but…
I started using gift bags.

Best (and cheapest) idea ever.
A few days before Valentine’s day I give each kiddo their own bag and tell them to decorate it anyway they want.
Before I pass out the bags, I take a huge Sharpie and write their names as large as possible on both sides of the bags…I might even write it on the sides….This way, each student can easily see the name of their friends on the bag while their passing out treats.
Next, I give them stickers and sequins and glitter and buttons and let them go crazy.

But they have one rule:

You CANNOT decorate over your name.

The kids do a great job passing out treats with these bags.  They simply slip in their treat and move on to the next bag.

Then, at the end of the day I staple the bag shut and have them place their bags in their backpacks.
Easy peasey clean and easy.
I find the Kraft bags at Michaels for 12 for $6.99.

And if you’re like me you download ALL the coupons you can before you go.



  1. Jeannine
    January 31, 2015 / 2:14 pm

    Poor Vera! Just so you know… I'm clomping through the snow right along with you! I really like your idea of letting the kiddos just decorate their own bag. I have used bags in the past, but always with a project on the front. Thanks for sharing your ideas and January snapshots!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  2. Aimee
    January 31, 2015 / 5:05 pm

    No more snow!!! While the snow days might be nice, the actual snow has got to be too much! Thinking good thoughts for you! One year, I did the same thing. I gave the kids a bag and let them have at it. They love the freedom to go wild with their decorations (and some really do get wild). I can't wait to see your Feb. pics this coming month! 😉

    Primarily Speaking