Weekend Warrior: Classroom Reveal

My room is finally done!

I’m so excited to show you my classroom!
I’ve been hard at work in my room for about a month!
I know…I’m cray but I really do enjoy it!

This weekend, I’m linking up with my Weekend Warrior gals to give you some Back to School Cool.

If you follow my on Instagram, you saw some pictures of my classroom.
Here’s a pic of my classroom on the day I was allowed back in.

Yup…That’s everything.  In the middle of my room.
I got right to work.
My classroom has a rainbow…or primary color theme.  I try to not to get to heavy with color and just have pops all around the room.
I made a few changes in my room this year.  I really wanted to provide more relaxing and calming features in my room.
I purchased a few floor lamps and extra carpets from Ikea, which added a cozier feel.
I apologize for the picture quality, I forgot my fancy camera at home.

Check out my room!!

And here’s a panoramic view of my class.

Isn’t it fantastic!??! I’m really happy with how things turned out.

Head back tomorrow to see how I send home important information!! There may be a freebie or two.

Thanks for stopping by to see my Back to School cool!! Head over to these other amazing teachers and get some back to school tips.



  1. Aimee
    August 30, 2014 / 4:21 pm

    You've created so many great spaces in your classroom for your students to enjoy! I know they will love spending time in there this year!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. Jeannine
    August 30, 2014 / 6:12 pm

    Vera, your classroom looks amazing! What a happy colorful place you have created for your students. I see that you have a number corner set up. This is my first year with Bridges and at the moment, I am totally overwhelmed. I may be writing you for help or ideas! 🙂

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  3. Princess Netherly
    August 31, 2014 / 2:49 am

    Everything looks great, I love your banners around the room!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  4. Deirdre
    August 31, 2014 / 2:34 pm

    So cute Vera! I love your big Melonz!
    A Burst of First