I’m having a sale!

Hi y’all!

I know many of you are enjoying the wonderful TpT loves teachers sale!

Here are a few items on my wish list:

That’s only a few…
I have tons of items I can’t wait to buy.
But I totally have a clip art addiction.
Those artists are so stinking talented…

What’s on your wish list? Do you have anything you think I should add?

My birthday was on Sunday (thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes).  I had a great dinner at Capitol Grille with my hubby.  They even took our picture…

We are kinda cute.

I wore a tutu to school on Monday.

when some of my littles came into the room, they ran over to the calendar and had the following conversation:
Kid 1: What day is it?
Kid 2: May 5
Kid 1: Ok, Mother’s Day is the 11…so….
Kid 2: Yea I don’t know.
Kid 1 heads over to me.
Kid 1: We were just looking at the calendar to see what celebration was going on…cause you’re wearing a tutu.
Me: Oh, well yesterday was my birthday, so I thought I’d wear one today.

Kid 1: MY GOD.
I forgot your birthday. I should have made you a card. I will tell my mom and she will buy you perfume and that kind of stuff.

I love my kids.

Seriously, they are awesome.

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