BOTD 16 and a little tech help

Hi y’all!

So..I’ve never offered tech help before…
I always just Goggle or Pinterest (totally a verb) when I want to know something.

I just assume that other people do the same…

But then I thought…what if I could help some one!!??

So, I’m not sure if you know how to this but here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to add a product link in your TpT description area.  This is a great way to get customers to similar products with one quick click.

Here’s the code:  <a href=”product link”>text description</a>

Does that make sense?  I hope it worked well for you.  If it is still a little difficult to understand, let me know and I’ll send you these screen shots as a step by step guide for you!

Here’s the Bargain of the Day: