Review Opportunity

Hi Y’all!

I was contacted by Educents (you know this Educents) to review a resource book for science.

When I received the email I was so excited to try it out since I was recently appointed the Science Curriculum director for my district!!

These books (offered for Social Studies and Science) feature actual size blueprints for various animals, landforms, or historical places.

The Science book features the following: 
  • LIFE SCIENCES—Dinosaurs • Blue Whale • Giant Squid • Sharks • Polar Bear • Bison (American Buffalo) • Elephant • Condor • Tallest Tree • Giant Kelp • Termite Mound • Biggest Snakes • Biggest Spider 
  • PHYSICAL SCIENCES—The Grand Canyon • Great Barrier Reef • Meteor Crater • Mount Everest • The Matterhorn • Uluru (Ayers Rock) • Victoria Falls • Deepest Water • Amazon River • Clouds • Eye of a Hurricane • Solar System • First Aircraft • First Computer • Sputnik • Mercury Capsule • International Space Station • Hubble Space Telescope • Large Hadron Collider • Tallest Dam • Deepwater Drilling • Longest Train • Largest Truck
I loved the idea of students experience the real life size of an elephant or polar bear.  In my head, I thought the blueprint would come as a printable.  Essentially I was expecting to print out pages an place them together to form a huge picture.  Like a gigantic puzzle.  Instead, the book gives you detailed instructions on how to draw the picture yourself.  They encourage the instructor to use a wide space (i.e. blacktop) as a canvas…and use chalk as your paint.  I love the idea of kids going outside to create a project directly related to their learning…
I’m just a little hesitant to take on such a HUGE (pun intended) task..when I know I am not the greatest artist.  I think it would be great to offer both…printable pages and detailed instructions.  
Imagine your little ones walking to your classroom only to be greeted by a the biggest spider! What a great way to introduce a unit of study!
Please check it out for yourself..especially you artists out there!