Teacher Talk Tuesday

OMG….I’m LOVING Teacher Talk Tuesday.
It was hard not to instagram everything!
Here are a couple of pics from our day.
 I came into school today and visited my teacher neighbor…she was so excited to show off her brand new babies! Her gerbil had babies! 7 of them! That’s after having 3 babies about a month ago.  Gerbils stay busy… Anyway, I think they are adorable…pink and blind..they squeak…
I think I might have to steal one.
 I was working on running records with some of my kiddos, when one of my darlings throws this on the table and takes off.  I called him back over, swooped him up in my arms and hugged him.  He told my teaching assistant that since it’s the end of the year…he thought he should tell us thanks.  
I love my darlings!

Our school is having a book fair…and today is the last day.  I bought 3 books and spent $55…I hate having expensive addictions, but I just LOVE children’s books!
Have you read any of these books? This is not my hat…BEST BOOK EVER!
No wonder it won the Caldecott…It’s amazing.
The latest Mo Willems book is a riot too..
Both are great for prediction.
Look what came in the mail!  Some amazing people in Austin created this shirt after the bombings in Boston.  All the proceeds go to the One Fund…which directly helps the victims of the bombings.  I am so in love with this shirt…
it’s the perfect way for me to combine my past home (Austin) with my new home (Boston).
Check back tomorrow and join my linky party. I’ll be sporting my new Baustin shirt to show you
What I’m Workin’ With!