Hi everyone!
Have you noticed something a little different about my blog… Alicia at Dreamlike Creations did a fantastic job!

Although I LOVED my time at Bedford, Love and Teaching…it was all about anticipating an adventure and experiencing a major life change.
Now, I’m almost 1 year into my new adventure and I’m feeling pretty good. I wanted to change my blog name to something that more or less solidified my place and my feelings.  I;m feeling more secure, confident, and grounded in my new life here on the East Coast.  And although I’m sure to experience many more adventures…I’m sure I’ll twirl my way through them.

So, in order to make myself comfortable at my new school…I started to wear tutus.
I wear them for any holiday or celebration.  I make them by hand days before…
Let me tell you…nothing will make you feel happier than wearing a tutu.
I can’t even get a full nights sleep the day before I wear one of my tutus…because I’m so excited.
My kids, other students at the school, and my coworkers LOVE my tutus. I’ve even received requests to make some for others!  I’ve made tutus for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and the 100th day!
My love for tutus is where the new blog name comes from…