My very last sorry!

Sorry Y’all!
This is the last time I will apologize for not posting in awhile.
Because from now on I will be posting on a regular basis!

I went on vacation back home to Texas.

I know I told y’all about my near fame experience with the show, “I found the gown.”  I didn’t go through with it but…
I did find my gown!
I found it at a store called Unbridaled in Austin.
It’s amazing…I cried.
I would post a pic…but I’m afraid Mr. Roboto might stop by and catch a glimpse..

 In between school, cleaning and sleeping…I made a few goodies for your classroom.
First, I wanted to show y’all some pictures of my kiddos Counting the Room.  The LOVE this activity.  I kept the Valentine’s day edition up for a little while after V-day.
Here are the pictures.

I was explaining to my kiddos that Friday would be their last opportunity to use the V-day count the room…when one of my kinder darlings says, “Ms. Corbett, can you make one for March?”

Why YES darling I can.  And here it is.  I also added a little extra… Now, your kiddos can practice some addition with a  new recording sheet!  Click here for your own copy.  I’ll keep it up for 3 hours tonight..from 6:30-9:30 (EST)
Here’s a few pictures of the latest Count the Room.

Cute right?!
I also decided to make a recording sheet for our number of the day.  Each day during our math centers, I give my kiddos a number.  They need to write the number, the number word, draw a representation of the number, and finally, show the number in a ten frame.  Originally, my kiddos were given a blank sheet of paper and sectioning off the areas to record their information.  But they were having the hardest time drawing the ten frames! I don’t know how many times I showed them…it drove me bananas.  I kept getting 11 frames, 13 frames…ugh. So I came up with my own version…nothing fancy but it gets the job done.  Here’s a few pics.

My kiddo filling in her Number of the day sheet.

And here’s a pic of the new recording sheet I made.

Click here for your FOREVER FREEBIE.

Well, I’ll end my post with one last picture…
I don’t know about you…but my kids leave their cubby areas a HOT MESS. And I’m not shy about letting them know how crazy their area looks! Soo…I have seen some cute fairy cubby notes on Pinterest and I decided to make my own.  I leave the note with some glitter in two of the cleanest cubbies (usually a boy and a girl).  I also include a cute prize so they feel a little extra special.  They never know when the fairy will  show up.


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  1. Liz M.
    March 5, 2013 / 6:16 am

    Love the idea of a cubby fairy! I teach 1st grade and my students have desks. Some of them are really messy so I am going to use this idea but change it to a desk fairy. Maybe that will motivate my kids to organize their desks.