It’s finally DONE!

I have had a serious case of the lazys…
I barely have energy to get out of bed and move to the couch.

Mr. Roboto and I are truly enjoy our winter break…a little too much.

This morning, I woke up early and got to work. I cleaned up my new office, started work on a new project and worked a little on my latest morning work packet.  Then, I went back to bed and slept …

Seriously.  I’m loving this break but at this rate, I can only get in about an hour of productivity.

Whatevs.  That’s what vacation is for.

So after my early morning nap…I got right back to work on my morning work for January and now…it’s finished!

I’m happy with it!  Really happy…I included some planet information in this packet.

When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut.  I even wrote a letter to N.A.S.A.  They sent me tons of goodies.  I secretly geek out when it comes to space..It’s just so amazing!

Anywho!  It’s now 11:00 p.m. here so I’ll keep this up as a freebie for an hour.  I hope most of you are night owls like myself. You can purchase a copy here or here.

I’m also participating in a giveaway.  There are some pretty sweet goodies to win so make sure you stop by and enter for a chance to win.

Hope you all are enjoying your break! 



  1. ronnie
    December 28, 2012 / 4:18 am

    thanks for the morning work! vhair61215[at]

  2. Rachel
    December 28, 2012 / 4:25 am

    Thank you! Love your morning work!

  3. Unknown
    December 28, 2012 / 4:55 am

    Looks awesome!!
    First Grade Blue SKies