Garage sale, giveaways, and a freebie (and a favor)

I woke up this morning at 6:30.  I had decided to have a quick garage sale and get rid of a few things before the big move.  I made a cup of coffee, had some breakfast, and pulled all my stuff out into the driveway.  I sat out in my chair and waited for the crowds to come and buy my goodies.  Then, I was attacked.

By mosquitoes. They were everywhere.  Although it was annoying I sat and waited.  As I sipped my coffee I was overcome with annoyance.  The heat and the humidity of the early morning made me feel uncomfortable and grumpy. Suddenly it became clear, a garage sale was not necessary.  Sitting in the heat and the humidity while being attacked by mosquitoes was not necessary.  I could take my stuff to goodwill and be done with it all.  I loaded my stuff into the car, came inside, sat down and cooled off.

So that was my morning.  Best laid plans I tell ya’.

Here are some giveaways.  Enter as many of them as you can.  I won another giveaway this morning! 

1.  Swimming into Second is doing daily giveaways.  Enter here.
2.  Kinder Alphabet is giving away tons of goodies.  In Spanish and English.  Enter here.
3.  Kleinspiration is giving away 7 math big books.  Enter here.
4.  Herding Kats in Kindergarten is having a Donorschoose giveaway.  How fun!  Enter here.
5.  Life is Sweet in Kindergarten is having a mega giveaway.  Enter here.

Now a freebie from me!

Since I had a little extra time this morning…I worked on a classroom jobs packet.  I’m hoping to make a Spanish version later.  So for you today and tomorrow is the English version.  I’ll have this available until Sunday night at 11:59 CST.  Then it goes into my TpT store.

I think the color ribbons are totes adorbs (I don’t talk like that in real life..I’ve been watching A LOT of Pretty Little Liars…)!  I think I’ll just laminate them so that I can write the kids names on the ribbon and wipe them off easily.   Click on the pictures, they will take you to Google docs.  Remember you have only until tomorrow at midnight.

Lastly, I am 10 9 people away from 100 followers! How exciting!  I would love to have a giveaway to show my thanks.  If you are a follower (or a stoper byer) and you would like to contribute to this giveaway, please email me here.  Let me know what you would like to contribute.  Thanks in advance!


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  1. Just Wild About Teaching
    July 21, 2012 / 7:42 pm

    im your newest follower drop by…your page is so cute =)

    Just Wild About Teaching